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CANDIDATE: Donna Barcomb




My name is Donna Barcomb, and I am running to become your next State Representative in District 72.I have deep roots in Sarasota, the place I Iove and call home. In the past I’ve lived on the US west and east coast, graduating as an undergraduate from UCLA and receiving a master’s from Boston University, although, my time spent elsewhere cannot parallel the 33 years in Sarasota. I tell my four sons, born, raised and graduated from the public schools in District 72, that you win the lottery being born in the United States however, you win the Mega Millions being born in Sarasota! Locally, I own Professional Physical Therapy Center, and my husband owns Westcoast Spine Center both located in District 72.

Growing up with religious, patriotic, and a conservative foundation, I shall make all decisions through a conservative lens by rewarding free enterprise and keeping the promise of America and the Florida dream alive. I will work hard to keep Sarasota well represented in Tallahassee. I have lived, raised a family, own a business, volunteered, and been a strong advocate in District 72 for over 33 years. The past four years we have had two different individuals represent this seat and I pledge to keep representing our community, earning a voice in Tallahassee and protecting Sarasota’s unique character, values, and quality of life for all its citizens. We need to work together to keep “Sarasota Proud.”

While I lead the busy life of a mother and business owner, I have always been a passionate volunteer in the Sarasota community. Throughout the years, I have served as the President of Southside Elementary PTA, where the parents worked as a team with teachers, staff, and the school principal to optimize our children’s early school experience. I then became the President of the Junior League of Sarasota, Inc. Junior League is known for implementing Teen Court of Sarasota, Historic Spanish Point, and Children’s First, a Head Start program serving 900 children of Sarasota’s lowest-income children. I won an all-county election to the Sarasota County Public Hospital Board (Sarasota Memorial Hospital) for three terms, twice its chair. SMH is a pearl in our community, the largest county employer with 6500 employees, a positive operating margin, 1 billion in investments back to the community over the next five years, and top 50 US News and World Report hospital. I also won two all-county elections currently sitting on the Sarasota Charter Review Board, once its chair. I have endorsements from several former and present local leaders to include State Senate President Pro Temp Senator Lisa Carlton, Senator Nancy Detert, former minority leader of the Florida House State Representative Jim Lombard, State Representative Ray Pilon, Property Appraiser Bill Furst, Clerk of the Court Karen Rushing, County Commissioner Paul Mercier and County Commissioner Nora Patterson.

Now more than ever we need to send an experienced Republican voice to Tallahassee to fight for Sarasota.  A person that has lived in Sarasota, owns a business in Sarasota and has raised a family in Sarasota. I will look at every issue through a conservative lens protecting our constitutional freedoms, keeping taxes low and ridding the system of burdensome and u nnecessary regulations. I promise to keep the American and Florida dream alive and pledge to protect Sarasota, its unique values and character. Please join the local community of supporters to this grassroots campaign with a donation. I will use your funding help prudently, just as I shall for the funds of our state as a legislator. We Are Sarasota Proud.



  • I will prioritize budgetary changes to foster a pro-growth environment by keeping taxes low and ridding the system of burdensome, over-reaching  and unnecessary regulations.
  • I promise to continue the funding of the research to mitigate red tide, to continue the big projects that Gov DeSantis and the legislators have committed to and incentivize all Floridians and industries to create best practice management of its use and quality of water, a valuable and limited resource.
  • I am proud of Sarasota’s investment in education and will continue to fight in Tallahassee for funding for our children’s future.
  • I will continue to fight for the health of our Sarasota citizens, to protect the mission of our world class healthcare system, its employees, medical staff and clinicians.






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