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Mike Moran is a common sense, straight talking conservative.  He is a respected leader in the Florida business community and is focused on making government accountable to the taxpayers.

Moran is not a career politician.  He is a self-made businessman that knows the struggles of meeting a payroll, paying taxes, and dealing with governmental red tape.  This is Mr. Moran’s first re-election campaign for a political office.  He is very clear that his ultimate responsibility is to represent “the People”.  He feels this is a concept that far too many elected officials have forgotten.

After selling his payroll & insurance firm in Michigan, Moran moved to Sarasota in 2002 with his wife of over 26 years, Lori, and their two children Laina and Mike, Jr.  Upon selling their business, Mike & Lori looked all over the nation for a place to raise their children.  They selected Sarasota, Florida to call “home.”

Moran is committed to keeping Sarasota a world class community to raise a family, start a business or have a fulfilling retirement; all with as little governmental intrusion as possible.

In addition to Moran’s extensive business experience, he has a bachelor’s degree in Business & Insurance from Michigan State University.  Mr. Moran is also a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). His experience and formal education makes him well suited to deal with the financial dynamics facing Sarasota taxpayers.  Mr. Moran has been in the insurance industry for over 34 years.

Mr. Moran will create an environment that encourages our youthful, talented citizens to remain in Sarasota.   Moran will remain a tireless advocate for the senior members of our community and protecting them during our times of transition will be paramount.  In addition, Moran recognizes the importance of creating a balance between protecting Sarasota’s gorgeous environmental landscape and developing our business community.  A healthy balance is critical for the long-term success of our community.


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"I am a husband, father, resident and proud taxpayer of Sarasota County. I want my county to thrive. Key to Sarasota County’s continuing prosperity is an adequate supply of good-paying careers, economic diversity and the aggressive protection of our way of life here. My daughter, Laina, recently graduated from the University of Florida, and my son, Mikey, is currently a Junior at UF and soon to have a mechanical engineering degree. My wife, Lori, and I very much want them to return to Sarasota after completing their education. But to return home and contribute to this community they will need secure careers that pay an adequate wage. We want to watch our grandchildren enjoy one of the best places on earth…Sarasota,Florida!"


Michael A. Moran, CIC | Sarasota County Commissioner, District 1





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