"We all know that the president has to win Florida in order to win the country" said Jack Brill, Acting Chairman for the Sarasota Republican Party. Read more by clicking HERE

Dear Republican Supporter,

The appalling nature of the American left is now on full display, and it should terrify Americans.

The near-tyrannical lockdown response to the pandemic by Democrats and the relentless daily attacks on President Trump reveal now, more than ever, how dangerous the left has become to the American people. If any of us thought it could not get worse than the Russian collusion hoax, the horrific Justice Kavanaugh slander and the impeachment over a congratulatory phone call to the new Ukrainian president, then we need to think again.

Arresting parents for letting their kids play outside, chasing elderly people off empty beaches, using drones to order people to stay further apart. Where Democrats have control, it is shades of a dystopian nightmare of fiction. But it’s real.

And it shows the absolute imperative of re-electing President Donald J. Trump, who has stood as a bulwark against the Socialist Democrats who want to spend tens of trillions of dollars we don’t have, stealing from our children’s heritage to gain more power and institute full-scale third-world Socialism. We all know where that ends.

Your local Republican Party is committed to re-electing President Trump to a second term. This is no small potatoes. It's critical that we run up the vote margin in Sarasota County for President Trump to help off-set deep blue Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm. If Sarasota County does not have a huge win for President Trump, Florida will go blue. If Florida goes blue, Trump does not win re-election.

Your donations will be used for such activities as opening and operating a second Trump Headquarters here in Sarasota County, running voter registration operations for Trump, creating and delivering door-knocking material for Trump, distributing Election Day materials for Trump and more. We know how to do this, but we cannot do it without you.

It’s only going to be through volunteers and your generous donations that the Republican Party of Sarasota County — recognized as one of the most active and effective local party organizations in the country — can make that happen. To donate, click here.

As always, the Democrats have their media cohort acting like full-fledged Democratic operatives. It’s only with adequate funding that we can bypass the media filter and go straight to the people of Sarasota County to ensure President Trump wins big in Sarasota County. We are literally nothing without our donors and volunteers, without you. A Democrat in the White House and running Congress would be an unmitigated disaster for America.

So we're offering up some great merchandise that you can use to show your support for the President while also supporting our efforts to turn out a huge victory in Sarasota County:

  • $10 donation for a bumper sticker
  • $25 donation for a yard sign
  • $50 donation for a Trump face mask
  • $100 donation for a Trump Maga hat

The leadership is profoundly grateful to the financial generosity you provide to our efforts. We thank you in advance for your continued support of the RPOSC.

Looking forward to Victory in 2020.

Jack Brill

Acting Chairman

Republican Party of Sarasota County


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